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Vacuum pressure casting machine

Hi there
I am thinking about changing my small centrifugal casting machine for something else. It works fine but when using more than 2 oz of gold there is some spilling over side of crucible. With low quantities of metal problem doesnt occur.
I am intereseted in standard vacuum casting machine which should be very good for casting “large” ammounts of metal.
Other option I have is used dental vacuum pressure casting machine Heraeus CL-G 77. It can not use tall flask(just like my centrifuge) so nothing changes here, but there should be no spillage during casting becasue it is tilt action casting machine. Another advantage is built it melting chamber up to 1450C.

Does anyone have beed working with this type of machine? They were widely used in dental industry(EU).

Or maybe it is better to choose standard vacuum caster? Any other ideas?

Get a larger crucible for your centri. Much less expensive.

For vacuum machines it is all about how big the pump is. Rio’s Vic 12 has the biggest pump you can get for its price range. To get something more powerful you have to get into the industrial machines. I recommend that you use a melting furnace with a vacuum machine. It takes all the guess work out.