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Vacuum Investment Mixers and plastic injectors

I am planning to upgrade my casting setup. One of the pieces of
equipment I am looking at is the St. Louis vacuum investment
mixer Model 92/MOD. Has anyone had any experience with this
model. Any other comparable equipment (size 1 5x8 perforated
flask, price $865) on the market that I should consider?

I have grown weary of hammering on jiggle plates!

And while I’m asking, does anyone have any experience and or
suggestions about plastic injectors for jewelry? Any sources for


Kenneth Gastineau


Get a copy of a dental lab supply house catalog and look at the
vacuum mixers in there. I am not familiar with the one which
you mentioned but mine (Whip-mix) will mix 800gm of investment
under vacuum if you buy the auxiliary large stainless steel
mixing container.



                                  Skip Meister
                                NRA Endowment and

hi skip,

i’ve called a dental lab supply for a catolog here in southern
calif and they said they were in the process of putting one
together. could you suggest someone who would have a catalog?
best regards, geo fox

Hi George,

I use Zahn Dental 1-800-496-9500. There is also Darby Dental
Lab Supply,–1-800-826-6050. I have both of
their catalogs in hand. I hope this is O.K.



                                  Skip Meister
                                NRA Endowment and