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Vacuum Casting vs. Centrifugal Casting

Do you recall in which issue of the Symposium the article was
published?. I certainly miss many technical issues being out in the
middle of the swamps of the Natchez Trace. Of course, I suppose I
could just buy the Symposium books each year (DUH) but then I could
be intelligent and that would scare my friends and family. Not to
mention the few customers I have left <grin> (the ones not learning
2nd or 3rd languages) <not grinning>! 

The World Gold Council had a tech magazine called "Gold Technology"
in publication for several years. It’s no longer being
published(what a shame!). They have several years’ articles on the
net that you can download and print for free. You can order the
complete set of back issues for $50 US. They are complete with the
exception of one issue that is a color photo copy. Most of this cost
goes to pay for the priority shipping from England. There are several
articles on casting. The technical articles are quite impressive,
yet they are written in such a way that even I can understand them.
They quit publication a couple years ago. So, the articles don’t
have this year’s info in them. However, many of the problems
associated with casting are problems that have haunted us since we
started casting, How to prevent porosity, casting failures, defects
of all types, etc… One article on burnout schedules showed me the
reason for some of my casting defects. Take a look at the website.
Preventing one bad casting will pay for the magazines. Not to
mention all the articles on fabricating, plating, electroforming,
solders, metals. etc.

Have a good day.
James S. Cantrell CMBJ