Vacuum casting machine needed

I’m looking for a used mini vacuum casting machine in Canada. The one that combines the investment table and casting hole. 2 in 1 sort of. I 'm in Toronto, Canada

Thank you

Hey there Dan,
Hi this is Prakash here from India, Do you mean to say a manual machine like this. Click the link below to get the picture of the machine.
image This is basic manual casting machine from RIO GRANDE USA. This machine is for beginners…
image a fully automatic machine from Schultheiss germany… You can also buy a excellent machine from Neutec USA if your are willing to invest for a good machine. These above machines NEUTEC USA, SCHULTHEISS, TOPCAST, INDUTHERM, etc give excellent casting results with features like;

  1. Inert chamber
  2. Vacuum assisted
  3. Digital Programmable controllers
  4. Controlled Temperatures & many other features.
    These machines are basically cost effective by which I mean to say, these are expensive machines but they provide value for money in the long run… as you can cast cost effectively.
    But DAN what type of jewelry do you make?? Are you into mass production?? or do you make Handmade jewelry?? or Jewelry from shop.
    A wise choice can be made from the type of jewelry you make. Since I am not clear from the type of Product you make I have suggested you in general the above machines…
    Prakash pai