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Vacumn tweezers- for picking up melee diamonds


Would anyone be able to suggest a good vacumn tweezer unit/ brand, for picking up and placing small diamond melees when doing pave, french cut halos, etc…?

I recall seeing them in prior tool catalogs…

i see them being used in youtube stone setting videos…

any advise would be greatly appreciated.


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i was wondering if anyone has feedback regarding this “pick it up” tool, for picking and placing melees (1.5mm , 1.75mm, etc)

any comments would be greatly appreciated


…or, this one?


or…this one?

(grobet brand, i think)


This looks brilliant. Now I’m wondering if it works well.

hi there,

i got a tip from a goldsmith friend regarding picking up and placing tiny 1.2 to 2.0 melees, without using wax…his tip…was “spit”…!

ie: lick the end of the pick up stick!

just wanted to add that to this query!

anyone else have any tips?


This may be totally off the wall, but cheap to try…

How about using a fish tank aerator? Hook a length of copper tubing with a hole in it to the intake side, cover the hole with a finger to direct suction to the tip, lift finger to drop the stone. Maybe a light coating of rubber cement around the tube edge at opening would give a better seal.

Who knows, it might work. :upside_down_face:

Neil A

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