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Vaccum casting choice


I have a Vac-U-Cast Junior machine I got from Stuller a few years
ago that I would like to sell. Story is, I used to work for a local
college and was under pressure to teach casting, so I took a casting
workshop and bought the Vac-U-Cast, but the college decided to hire
someone else, so I’m left with a casting machine I’ve only used
once, and it worked perfectly. If you are interested, let me know. If
anyone is interested, just email me offline. I’m asking $475, and if
you are in the Mass/NH/RI/VT/ME area, you can pick up in Southern NH
or the Lexington/Waltham, MA area or I can ship it, but shipping may
run about $45-60. I would like to get rid of the casting machine so
if anyone has a need for one, please let me know.