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UV Protection glasses; was: RE: Little Torch

Hi Gang,

I’ve looked into this (whether my Little Torch requires wearing
UV protection) a couple of times. My informal research was
inconclusive, and sometimes contradictory. The actual UV
protection coating is clear, and can be applied to any pair of
glasses. 20

For the longest time, all the glasses I could find that had UV
protection were tinted, which I understand is not a necessity
for the flame I use. I didn’t want to pay an optometrist to
make me a pair of glasses with no correction, just to get the UV

I finally discovered that “Gargoyles” brand sunglasses have an
untinted version that offers UV protection. I think they’re
intended for some kind of sport (maybe shooting?), but I love
’em! They’re kind of spendy, but a blind jeweler doesn’t do
anybody any good!



Dave Sebaste
Sebaste Studio
Charlotte, NC (USA)