Utility Sink

I just installed a utility sink in my shop. It’s the best tool investment that I have made in a long time. No more getting yelled at for messing up the kitchen sink. The challenge was that it is below the drain line, so I had to include an up pump sump in the installation…Rob



my sink has been out of commission for a few weeks, due to a pipe leak, but thankfully my plumber has been able to figure out how to reroute the cold water thru the hot water pipe, cap stuff off, without breaking thru concrete or digging…thankfully the 2 pipes were accessible above ground.

the sink drain still works so i was using a pitcher of water and 2 bowls!


Yep the utility sink is a mighty important tool! When I was first starting out, I was able to purchase this one for around $100 when the people who had ordered it never picked it up. I had this sink for over 40 years and 5 store locations, until I retired and had no where to use it.

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