Usual and Customary mark-ups

I (and my well-skilled assistant) do the catalogs at Indian Jewelers
Supply company. We aren’t privy to the mark-ups of precious metals
items, but here’s the pricing strategy.

Findings - Silver and Gold - THE MARKET RANGE

When the market for silver is between $5 and 5.49, one price list
applies, and so on, up or down the scale in 50-cent increments. For
gold, $275 to 299.99, and so on, up or down the scale, in $25

Raw Materials - silver and gold - THE MARKET QUOTE

Strictly by the quote, the day your order is received. For silver,
quote-plus-whatever price is the price per ounce you pay. Fancy stuff
like tubing costs more in the fabrication, hence higher per-ounce
prices. For gold, sales are computed in total pennyweights cut for
your order. The quote is a price per troy ounce, which we multiply by
various 0.xxxx factors to reflect fabrications of various types.

Dan, Indian Jewelers Supply