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Using wax pens

Hello. I keep running into the problem of the heated wax moving up and away from the tip of my pen. How can I prevent this, and keep the melted wax right at the tip of the pen. I would very much appreciate any info on this. Thanks,

Hi Perdido33
Not too sure of your wax problem! What I do is many times I heat the whole tip of the pen. Why?
I’d increase the heat to it’s fullest and “burn off” all of the collected wax residue. This then gives me a clean operating tip.

After a few minutes, the heavily worked tip prevents any new wax wanting to give you quality
results. Just go to my newest essay on my blog about “working with a wax-pen”. This essay might answer a few of your questions.


Gerry, on my iPhone

Hi Gerry. Thanks for your reply! I’m headed to your site…Perdido 33😎