Using thermoplastic for setting

Hi All, I have some of the thermoplastic pellets which I have tried
to use to hold my pieces while I set some stones in tube settings.
It works well to hold the piece, but getting them out is a problem.
If I reheat the whole thing, the plastic gets sticky and adheres to
my piece and is the devil to remove. Will someone give me the
correct way to use this wonderful stuff?

And a warning to anyone who hasn’t used it yet. Never use it with
nail polish on, I found out that it creates a very strong bond and
then you have three-D abstract art on your fingernails.

Betty, In eastern pennsylvania where the heat just goes on and on.

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Betty, where in Eastern Pa are you from??? I am from Eastern Pa
also… The Thermo plastic is easy to use… try to avoid using a
torch to heat it however… It tends to break don and not work well.
Use hot water but not quite boiling, melt the stuf in the water, put
your piece in and run it under cold water to harden it faster… now
if you are setting bezels or tubes, you might want to solder them to
a plate first, then put the plate in the plastic… After you are
done stting, if the stone cant take the heat of a torch, saw the
plate off carefully and file or use a sanding disk to sand down to
the original bezel or tube or whatever the setting is… oh by the
way, getting the piece out of the plastic is easy too, use your
steamer and steam it out… when you get it out, sink it in a cup of
water after the stones have had time to cool… the water will
solidify what plastic is left on the piece, then you can simply peel
it off… I like the thermo plastic for alot of things but I still
use a pitch bowl as well… Let me know where in Pa you are from…
maybee I can help you out, even more over the phone… just email
off the list… have fun, Marc Williams

Does anyone know where we can buy this in quantity. I have had
people ask me for this and I could not believe it. In New York we
are still selling a lot of Shellac.

May be Brad Simon may know he is big in setting. Hello Brad
Kenneth Singh.

You can buy thermoplast at WFR/ Aquaplast Corp. 30 Lawlins Park Wycoff
, NJ 481-1443 ph 1-800-526-5247