Using Spring Silver

I bought some Spring Silver a long time ago and didn’t use it for
the intended purpose. Is there any reason not to use it for pendants
and earrings?


the advantage of using spring hardened silver is that you are able to
use a thinner gauge for fabricating anything you desire…it is
particularly effective for creating clasps, and hinges, but any
application that you would use silver for is appropriate for spring
silver- if the cost is immaterial at this point in time. If you have
access to a rolling mill and your silver is above 22 gauge ( 22,20,18
gauges…) you may want to roll it to about 24 g. for earrings to
lighten the pieces so they are not too cumbersome on the wearer’s
ears…pendants should be sturdy enough in any gauge from 26 g. on, in
spring silver, as long as the piece lays nicely on the wearer.

So long as "Spring silver is Sterling silver that is hardened to
give it the “spring” needed for items such as money clips

then there shouldn’t be a problem. My instructor (Ken Valen) did
receive Sterling Silver in a hardened state from one purchase, and
when he soldered and quenched it it tore… not something he could
regularly duplicate by any stretch of the imagination, but I would
recommend annealing the stock unless using only cold connections.

Have fun,
K. David Woolley
Fredericton, NB
Diversiform Metal Art & Jewellery

Does spring silver loose its spring when you solder it(ie- become