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Using sinusoidal stakes

I wonder if some clever person would make an instructional video on
how to use sinusoidal stakes?

Season greetings to all Orchid readers. I have recently been working
with and testing out two new delrin anticlastic stakes, they are
designed by Cynthia Eid and Betty-Helen longhi and made byBrian
Meek’scompany “Eisenring” in the USA. I hope these stakes will soon
be available worldwide and when they are available these stakes will
make a great contribution to anyones tool kit as these two itemscould
take the place of a few silversmith stakes, they are great for
shaping bangles, I am using them for shaping flower petals and rush
leaves at the moment. The attachment shows the two new stakes.

Peace, good health and happy holidays to all
James Miller FIPG

Hi Guys,

Not to toot my own horn too much, but the stakes are available. In
the US, Allcraft has them. Just ask Tevel for Betty & Cindy’s stakes,
he’ll know which ones you mean. There are two sizes: big and little.
They’re both roughly the same length, but one is 1" thick, the other
is 5/8", and they have different sized bays. (The little one has
smaller bays.)

In the UK, Tamizan Savill has a box of them, and will have more
soon. I don’t entirely feel right giving out her email, but she’s not
hard to find.

The “new and different” thing is that they’ve got steel pins and
screws that lock against the vise, and prevent them from rotating in
the jaws as you pound on them. Works great. Made in the US, by people
you know. (Namely: me)

Brian Meek.


Brian Meek (with the help of Lee Marshall) is making the stakes that
Betty Helen Longhi and I have designed which have a system that
keeps the stake from twisting and slipping in the vise. So far, we
have a medium and small stake. A large and a mini are in the design
stage. They are in stock at Allcraft.


Brian, Could you please list the link. I’m having a hard time


Hi Rebecca (Et ali)

I forgot: Tevel’s been having trouble with web hosting, so Allcraft’s
site is currently down. He’s good people, but nobody’s going to
accuse him of being a web geek. He’s a tool geek, which is all to the
good for us. The easiest way to contact him is to call 800-645-7124.
Ask him for Betty & Cindy’s stakes. He’ll know which ones you mean.

Sorry for the lack of polished websites. We’ve been so busy making
tools that we didn’t have time to play with the computers.


I forgot: Tevel's been having trouble with web hosting, so
Allcraft's site is currently down. He's good people, but nobody's
going to accuse him of being a web geek. 

Has he ever had a web site? If so could you post it? I’ve never been
able to find one for him or Allcraft.


Has he ever had a web site? If so could you post it? 

Yes, he has. It was or something like that. The
trouble is there are a lot of local business named All Craft or
Allcraft, making it exceedingly difficult to find Tevel.


Hello Orchidland

Brian’s sinusoidal stakes are great, very well made, finely finished
and extremely “fit for purpose”

I also have Lee Marshall’s Knew Concept saws. Not a shop, just a
person who thinks these tools should be available in the UK. At a
craft fair a couple of weeks ago, I showed the saws to a jeweller
chum. Her neighbour said he had never seen two women get more
excited about a tool!

Happy New Year

I just got a Knew Concepts saw today from Palmer Metals in the UK They also have a range of other American produced
jewellers tools. I saw a link to the stakes in the UK a few dats ago
on Orchid

Have a great and prosperous New Year

Robin Key
Clavis Jewellery
Aberdeen, Scotland