Using sheet copper like Silver

This last weekend I bought a shoe box of an odd lot of material from
an estate of a rockhound. In it I found a finished pendant with a
cab of petrified wood. I believe the bezel was SS but did not polish
it yet to see. The copper was really polished nicely and had a very
nice (lovely) look. I know I have seen copper bracelets but usually
not polished to a bright finish. Is there much jewelry that uses
copper today? If not (other than the material may not be expensive
to buy) why not?


I=B4ve been using sheet copper for ages but in the past weeks i=B4ve
developed a certain interest for it. I use it as apliqu=E9s on my
sterling silver work. If you bate it in a solution of denaturated
alcohol and boric acid, then heat it, it will turn to the most
magnificent colors you can imagine, deep oranges, beautiful yellows
and even purple. you just have to be certain to apply the heat on
the opposite side. Besides that you can try using bronze, it has been
beautiful for ages. And if you want to practice your assembly skills
try aluminum for big proyects, it=B4s a contemporary material, not for
soldering of course but it really catches the eye.
corporalia -
julieta odio designer - metalsmith @julieta_Odio