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Using riveting block


I recently received a riveting block. Beautifully polished, etc.
However, there were no directions, although I assume that you put a
wire with a balled-up end exposed and shape it to suit.

The thing that really puzzles me is that there are some slots on the
edge with an angled inside edge. What on earth are they for? I
showed it to my jewelry instructor who didn’t know either.

None of my books mention such a block, so I guess not many people use
them. I sure would appreciate any comments telling me more about
using this.

Noralie Katsu


Where did you get it and is there a photo of one online?

Francesca Anatra


I have the same item and have no idea how to utilize it either. I
would love to hear more on this as well. I can’t remember where I got
it and I’m not sure how to post a pic!!

Sheila Johnson


I have a Riveting Block. It’s very hard to use. There must be a
special feel you have to learn, as I can’t seem to get my little
ends nice and flat. Is there a secret that can be passed along or is
it something that you must practice until you get the feel? Like
making a pie?

Lyn Maloney
Fountain Hills, Az.