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Using price tags at retail craft shows

All, I am doing my first retail craft show in New York City this
weekend at the Armory. I usually put prices on everything I have in
the cases (I use those little, black price cubes). Sometimes it
seems to make a difference with buyers, sometimes it doesn’t.

However, at this show I am worried about security. As much as I
want to make it easy for shoppers, I don’t want to make it easy for
bad guys.

What do you all think? Am I asking for trouble by putting out
prices on everything? Am I being too concerned about security in
this manner? I will have only one, fairly inexperienced assistant.
My work sells for between $875.00 to $13,000. The average price of
my work averages around $2,000 but I have some items for as low as
$195.00, quite a range.