Using neolite in ring clamp

Hello! After years of using leather I have switched to using a
material that can be found at a shoe repair shop, they call it
neolite. The same rubber like material shoe shops use to replace
heels on shoes. The neolite comes in almost the same shape as the
ring holder, because it used for heels. Take your ring holder with
you to a shoe repair shop near you. The material out lasts leather 10
fold!! It is simple process to install.

(1) Just grind & file off remove old leather,

(2) do some slight fitting,of the heels, to fit where the neolite
goes, do not worry about a great deal of fitting, mix up an ample
amount 5 minute epoxy, smear the epoxy around,

(3) place the 2 pieces of heel material where the leather was, check
for fit. Use the ring clamp wedge to hold the pieces in place. A pair
cross lock tweezers between the jaws will help keep jaws parallel
Some excess epoxy should come out!! & get on your fingers, Do not
let epoxy, cement your ring clamp shut!! it will.
Put a small zip
lock plastic between to avoid this.

(4 ) Let stand for 3-4 hours. Next take the clamp to a bench grinder
& grind, cut, what ever you need to do, smooth to shape of the clamp.
I set an average of 25- 30 diamonds & colored stones a week. I have
been using this for 30 years++!! It does not scratch, the plat.,
gold or silver. It holds the ring so it does not slip, which leather
will. Once you try it you will never go back.

I have waited several days to see if someone had a better idea than
leather but not yet.