Using little torch regulators in europe

Hi all,

I have recently relocated to Switzerland, and have all the new
things to find out before recommencing work at the bench.

I have located the gas suppliers and so on, but now I have the
question of getting the Smith regulators (currently wearing fittings
for MC and R tanks) to fit the european cylinders. The guy in the gas
supplier thinks that there are no adaptors which can make this

True? Or language barrier? I tried checking the archives out, but
didn’t find an answer - apologies if it is there!



After months and months of calling every welding supply house in
England, obscure hardware shops throughout the land and asking help
from technicians in jewellery supply houses etc, I finally bit the
bullet and purchased new regulators to fit the European threadings
on the tanks. Then of course I had to get a new torch set up to fit
the new regulators.

If there are any adaptors from one type of threading to another I
certainly couldn’t find any. I’d love to be proved wrong though so
please let the forum know if you find anything that works.

In the meantime however I discovered that the preset propane
regulator made to fit the disposable propane tanks I used in the US
works for the UK version of disposable tanks…but the oxygen one
doesn’t. I’ve tried to find one that does and haven’t had any luck
with that either. It makes no sense whatsoever.

All the best