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Using joyce chen shears?

Beginner Question, What are Joyce Chen Shears?

Teka and Zoe

The Joyce Chen shears are wonderful kitchen shears that have the
great quality of cutting a clean, butt ends. The best of all "pliers"
I’ve tried for cutting wire and thin sheet metal (precious). I have
to say that I haven’t tried every plier, but I haven’t paid for every
plier either. Must confess I have three pairs because I love them so
much…and just in case I lose one… …well I’ve got two back-ups.

Find them in Chinese cooking sections of kitchen shops, named after
the great Chinese chef, Joyce Chen.

Kay Taylor

Invaluable at the bench for cutting up to 18ga sheet, wire, and
solder. Go to for a great price $20 with free

Joyce Chen Shears are the best scissors on the face of the planet,
in my opinion. They were designed for kitchen use, cutting through
chicken bones and the like, and you can often find them in kitchen
stores. But they cut through sheet metal like butter. I use mine
constantly. Here’s a link to more info:

A quick google search on “Joyce Chen Unlimited Scissors” will yeild
you dozens of sellers.

Pam East

Hi Michelle-They are kitchen shears. Ronda Coryell introduced them
to me in a class I took from her. They are good for cutting thin
gaugemetal sheet.

Diana Hara

Joyce Chen was a restaurateur in Cambridge, MA. She opened one of the
first Szechuan style restaurants in the country, and the most upscale
Chinese restaurant at the time as well. She also developed and sold a
line of kitchen products. I assume that is what the poster was
referring to, although I have no personal experience with any of her
kitchen tools,

Daniel R. Spirer, G.G.
Daniel R. Spirer Jewelers, LLC

Sharp Kitchen Shears. Best in the business! (usual disclaimer -no
relation, just a fan)

Hello Michelle,

The Joyce Chen shears are extremely sharp kitchen shears. They have
been used in bonsai to cleanly trim woody roots and branches. I
found mine in a kitchen store. Although not cheap (about US$20), they
are worth the price. The Joyce Chen scissors have large handles that
accomodate your hand. Do an internet search and beware of

BTW, I recently bought some Fiskar scissors in the gardening area at
Target, which will also cut 24 ga silver sheet.

Judy in Kansas