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Using heat shield

Don’t do much repair and have soldered occasional prong or tip on
diamond ring. I’ve always removed stone or it was diamond and my
little torch did just fine. But, friend has this ring with 12 2x3
tanzanite (I think) and as many 1 or 2 point diamonds. Normally I’d
remove anything other than a diamonds or cz but, I had some vigor
heat shield so I thought I’d try it.

Well, it sure works and kept whole ring from getting hot. Worked so
well that I could not solder on a new prong. The heat shield comes to
about 1 mil from where I’m soldering. What am I doing wrong? Or, is
this improper use? Stones were not affected but, could not make
joint. 14K, easy solder, Oxy/Acetylene.

Not ready to buy a laser or tack for the rare times like this.


Regis- This is the perfect job for a laser or tig welder.

You don’t need a laser welder. You just need to know someone who

When we need to laser weld something, which is about once a year, we
go to our friends and have them do it. We pay them, tack on some
charges and deliver it to a happy customer. We make a little our
friend with the laser makes some money, and the customer is happy.

Have fun and make lots of jewelry.

Jo Haemer