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Using Eco friendly gold

I was wondering what everyone thought of this- Eco Friendly Gold
from the source

Is there a market for this in our industry? Is it worth a premium on
cost to be able to show eco friendly from the source?

What do you think?

We have no connection to this, I just came across it on the web and
thought to share it

Thomas Cavagnaro, G.G.
Cadsmithing LLC

Hi Thomas,

I was what everyone thought of this- Eco Friendy Gold from the
source http://www.mammoth 

I am not familiar with that company, but if you are looking for Eco
Friendly gold sources I recommend trying Hoover & Strong. I started
using them for the majority of my mill supplies because they
guarantee that their metals are 100% recycled. I have also been told
by Rio Grande that a lot of their mill products are also recycled,
however they cannot guarantee that the particular batch of metal you
receive is from their recycled stockpile or is mined.

Michael Andrews


I’m standing 100 percent behind this kind of eco program, still
having a question in mind!

Who’s picking up the shuffle to dig in? Thousand kilo of soil is
needed for finding a few grams of gold! This guy holds proudly a big
bar of gold in his hand (sure looked good in my hands too). How many
kilo’s of gold whould this be times the amount of ton’s soil which
need to be processed fo a single bar? No machinery needed? No
pollution? No acids? No waste?

I’m sure they do the best they can and support their idea completly.
However, nobody does anything for free in the gold world and bills
need to be payed…even out there in nature!

Have fun and enjoy


I'm standing 100 percent behind this kind of eco program, still
having a question in mind! 

I’m with you, who among us wouldn’t like to use only eco-friendly
metals and stones. We all try to keep hazardous materials out, lets
face it we are all affected. This can be a great continuing source
for sharing known eco friendly sources for all. At a retailer of
mine recently I met an “Eco-Rep” selling a jewelry line-she told me
her designer “recycled” her silver wrapping wire by using it in her
glass pendants. I actually started to explain that all jewelers use
their left over metal. When, I shut-up out of respect for the store
owner (who was actually buying into this) What more can I say. This
is Los Angeles. I truly care about our environment, enough to change
old habits but I refuse to falsely use it as a gimmick to sell more



Eco friendly gold is very, very available. Silver is more of a
challenge. Two refiners, 1-my employer PMWest and 2-Hoover & Strong
both have eco friendly gold. Of course I’m far more familiar with the
details where I work, but suffice to say with so many jewelers
cashing in scrap, we have nearly every gold product made of recycled
post consumer gold. No reason to buy on the open market when
refining/recycling gets you plenty! For more details call us
both-Daniel at PMWest and whoever in sales at Hoover. Of course some
will exploit the eco market, but I trust that is the usual tiny
percentage of the dishonest that crawl behind the right people doing
and saying the right things.

Daniel Ballard

Hello all,

I’m happy to read all this. As far as I know, nothing like this is
available in Europe. If you go to a refinner, you’ll pay whatever
the gold price is and they never ever mention anything about “eco

If I order this type of gold from USA, it will be send to me but
custom will notice this very soon and they press their taxes on top
of it. Not fair but they will do so! End of the line is that I have
to pay more then buying the not eco gold available from our region of
the world.

In this way, american jewellers are very lucky having this type of
resources. Not a lot of places in europe for finding this kind of
resources. If you want it, you better pay for it and it is up to you
if you can handle it.

Keep the good work up and enjoy-)