Using Copper scrap

What does everyone do with the sheet metal after it has been punched
full of holes? The spaces between the hole are such an odd shape…

What does everyone do with the sheet metal after it has been
punched full of holes? The spaces between the hole are such an odd

I make organic shaped earrings, sweat solder odd shapes on geometric
shapes for pendants or bracelets,… If you have a full image you
can “applique” it to another piece of metal so that the image is in
the negative space. This would be much easier to explain if you could
see me “talk” with my hands.

Have fun,
Bobbie Horn

Amy,…one good use for those pieces of scrap full of holes is to
roller print them. Makes neat background sheet. Another idea is to
solder them onto thick silver billets and then roll them down flat
and make bi-metal sheet with them. Just a couple of suggestions.

Cheers from Don in SOFL.

send it to a refiner or melt and pour a new sheet or use in an alloy
(if pure copper- then use to make gold alloys or sterling). most
refiners don’t accept copper scrap if that’s what you are asking
about exclusively.

If the sheet is 20 gauge or thicker, try cutting out interesting
pieces and thin them out with your rolling mill. Depending on how you
load the pieces in your mill you can get some interesting effects.

Alloy it with fine silver to make sterling or with tin to make
bronze. Otherwise save it and sell it as scrap.

Amy, I love my copper scrap, full of holes, etc. I usually cut it
smaller and hard-solder it to ring blanks or pin bases of brass or
nickel-silver (nice color contrast). When you patina it (e.g., with
Jax Black) and rub off the excess, you get nice shadows where the
holes are.

Judy Bjorkman

I’m always saving my copper and silver scraps to melt down into
beads, or to cut out smaller pieces for decoration on other
projects-- they can even come in handy to use as levels (i.e. if you
are soldering a longer piece of something on to an 18g piece of sheet
metal then you can use a piece of 18g scrap to hold the end up on the
piece you are soldering, that way it sits flat on the base you are
soldering it to) Again, mostly I use my scraps for decorative pieces.


Copper sheet that is full of holes can be cut into a strip of about
3/4" and sweat soldered onto a strip of sterling sheet and formed
into a cuff bracelet. I then oxidized the copper and buffed off what
I didn’t want. It was interesting. then I cut some small disks of
copper and soldered then on small rectangles for earrings that would
look good with the bracelet. This would depend on what your copper
looks like though.

Jean Menden

Take it to a local scrap yard. Most scrap yards by all types of
metal, iron, steel aluminum, copper, brass etc.

Depending on how much you have the pay back may surprise you.


Sorry John

Not a good idea to use copper sheet to make Sterling Silver unless it
is pure copper. Copper sheet and plumbing tube usually have
additives. Pure copper from electrical wire, should be ok. Just melt
your scrap down and roll out or have fun fusing all the bits.