Using Blender for jewelry design

Hi everyone,

has anyone used blender for jewelry design and modeling 2D/3D? and
how about this

for 3D print outs? how is it for casting from? its all still new to
me but i’m interested in learning about working with cad/ Blender/
Rinoceros…etc looking for a direction to head in


I suggest you start with Rhino. I use Rhino, ArtCam Jewelsmith and
Z-Brush in some instances. ArtCam is high dollar and I see a lot of
folks getting the same or better results with Rhino and a hand full
of plug-ins. None of it is hard… the thing that makes it “Look”
hard is that there are so many ways to do the same chore at hand. I
started 12 years ago or so and have seen it FINALLY evolve into a
very useful & creative tool. Jump in!

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