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Using bails with irregular shaped settings


Necklace - - Gmail.pdf (896 Bytes)
I am having trouble setting bails on the back of my pieces, so that the piece hangs straight. I prefer that that the necklace comes out of the side of the piece, rather than hanging down straight from the top. Also should I solder the bails on first, before adding the prongs?Bails - - Gmail.pdf (896 Bytes)
bails#3.pdf (896 Bytes)
bails#2.pdf (896 Bytes)


Well CBbutchko 11 ,

If you attached photo I couldn’t get them to open. I will offer this thought: Often we are fighting what we would prefer with what the jewelry will do. Gravity has its way with pendants and the moment you add a chain they want to self balance and hang what ever way the pendant chooses. This will become an exercise in how you balance weight and material. Look at Alexander Calder’s mobiles and you’ll see what I mean.

Don Meixner


Bails - - Gmail.pdf (896 Bytes)


try saving your images as a jpg, gif, png, etc … and NOT as a pdf because its not saving the image correctly as a pdf so no one can open them to see what the images are.


That is a good idea, thank you AlyssaKay


Thank you Don, I know now that the pictures did not download. But what I did is rubber cement a thick string to the back and tape over it with painter’s tape at different spots. Then I loosely set my piece in and tested the balance. I then soldered a small tube to the back of my piece and ran a small chain through it and attached my knotted pearls to the chainIMG_2300|375x500

I value your input as in life I always try to run before I can walk!