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Using alphabet punches


Hello everyone,

I need some advice. I got an order for a bracelet with an engraved
plate. I do not have any engraving equipment nor experience, but I
have alphabet punches. So I spent much of my afternoon trying to
mark the name “Campbell” on a piece of copper plate, but the result
were far from satisfactory… any advice on how to use alphabet
punches and getting a clear mark would be greatly appreciated !



Barb, If I were you, I would check with the customer to ascertain
whether she or he actually wants a punched copper bracelet. The order
was for an engraved bracelet - I would send that out to an engraver
for his or her expertise and make the rest of the bracelet yourself.
Partnerships can be a good thing sometimes and wisdom of the maker
lies in the knowing when.

Barbara on a frosty morning when she is wondering who took 29 of the
30 stale eggs she left on the lawn. Not a piece of shell in sight.


Having engraving done by a pro is the best answer by far for such an

However, if you want to stamp something, here’s a simple way to get
something you can use. I presume that you are right handed.

Draw a straight line with a fine magic marker. Start at the right
hand end and stamp the last letter, then move to the left and stamp
the next to last letter. This works because you can see where the
letter you have stamped appears, instead of guessing where it is when
your left hand is blocking the view when starting from the left side.

All left-handed jewelers, cheer - because you don’t have to do
something backwards.

Judy Hoch