Using a soda blaster

I have to admit I haven’t done a thorough search of the archives on this topic. I find sand blasting mentioned but very little about soda blasting.

In the boatyard I was the go to guy for sandblasting steel plate prior to finishing a boat hull. So I understand how the process works. Now I am looking to use something similar to jewelry. There is always scale, burned flux, stains, et al that polishing doesn’t quite get out of hard to reach places, especially near applied pieces soldered to a brooch, pin, bracelet, what have you. The problem is even bigger with silver pieces applied to copper and brass.

I am thinking of a small soda blaster used prior to polishing. Any thoughts? Or firsthand experience?

Don Meixner

Don…I have a small grit blaster that you are welcome to try. There was a good discussion about them about a year ago…Rob

I am in the process of buying an ultrasonic polisher, this will get in to even the tightest of places and will bring the item to a bright finish.