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Using a Microscope


I would like to know more about using a microscope. What are
the possible applications? Stone setting? Finishing? Detailed
bench work?



Other than using a rig for detailed work, I like to use a
microscope to inspect. I don’t care how good an individual
thinks their eyes and a loupe are, the microscope shows all.
It’s not just the power of magnification but rather the lighting
environment and sterioscopic vision. This will allow you more
precice controle over the quality level you choose to let out.
The microscope also allows you to observe the gemological
properties of any gems you may be setting. With such a sue
happy world, it is always worth a second look. This is very
useful if you are learning, and you are always learning.


Arthur Skuratowicz NJA GJG (GIA)
Anton Nash LLC, Appraisers & Consultants
Colorado Springs, CO
(719) 648-1361


JK, I use my microscope for cutting wax, setting stones,
engraving, and final inspection of finished pieces and especially
waxes that I am casting. Your will not believe the imperfections
in the surface of waxes that you can clean up under a microscope.
I also use it to inspect stones before setting or repair. Frank