Using a laser 14k White gold

Anyone have any tips on using a laser on 14k White gold my binds are
getting better but looking for a little more fine tuning… Is
definetly the hardest medal to work with in my laser and i am sure
for all people. Any little tricks would be helpful

Aaron Snider

Aaron, You are not the first one I have read a post from that is
having difficulty with white gold. From my experience with our
Zahntech laser welder I don’t understand what is causing everyone to
have such a hard time with white gold. I weld it without using any
shielding gas and have never had a problem with porosity or
brittleness that is often described. What I do find is that white
gold is very prone to cratering if you try to use too high a power
and/or small a spot. I definitely would not consider it the most
difficult metal to weld. Silver holds that distinction in my book due
to it’s tendency to become an almost perfect mirror after the first
shot in an area.

My default starting settings for white gold is 2 kw power, 1 ms
time, 1 mm spot all with an old fashion square pulse. These setting
are about 2/3 the power, same spot, and 90% the time that I use as a
starting point for yellow gold. For something like a prong rebuild I
will occasionally use a pulse shape that tapers off in the last 25%
of the time to “anneal” it a little, but generally do not find it is

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