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Uses for Duncan ceramic kiln?

Dear all,

Can anyone tell me whether a Duncan ceramic kiln would be of use to
me in making jewelry (other than ceramic jewelry components, which
I’m guessing would be one such use…).

My husband and I came into possession of one today, a Duncan model
DK-820X-2 (Duncan is now owned by Paragon). It’s so large and heavy
that we’re thinking of donating it, straight from his car, to the
nonprofit school he works for, instead of unloading it and trying to
find room for it near our only 240V circuit.

Please reply privately so that I will see your reply asap.

Thank you!- Lorraine

I forgot to add to my previous Duncan kiln question that Santa did
bring me a Rio kiln for Xmas for PMC, etc.

The Duncan would be for projects the Rio kiln can’t handle, but in
spite of all my reading, I’m still confused re what kiln does what. I
don’t want to give away a good used kiln now, and then end up having
to buy a new one later for $1500 - $2000 because I didn’t realize
what I was giving away.

Thank you again!