Used tools for sale

Dear Ochidians,

Orchid Notice: Please contact the author off list at @Douglas_Zaruba

I am selling some more of my used tools and equipment, as I am
preparing to move to Panama. Some of this stuff is really heavy, so
I’m hoping that someone in the Baltimore-Washington area may find
this just too good to pass up. Some things, I can ship. I can send
some jpgs if you’re interested:

Hay Budden Anvil, 154 lbs. The top was resurfaced a few years ago,
and I used this for forging gold and platinum ingots. I used to
forge jewelry on it until my apprentice put some slight hammer marks
on the polished surface. A sweet anvil, in excellent shape. $800.00

Hardinge belt-driven “Cataract” lathe, 6" swing, c. 1935. This lathe
is in EXCELLENT working condition, and is complete with back pulley
and new motor, on the original oak-top bench. It has an extensive
set of 4-C collets, a 3-jaw chuck, a standard tailstock, a turret
tailstock, and tool posts. I have the original sales literature with
this lathe. I love working on this lathe, because I love the sound
that the belts make. It is HEAVY, but 2-3 BIG guys can move it. I
also have an Aloris Quick-Change tool post set-up for this lathe,
for sale separately. $1500.00

I have a lot of old/antique lathe tools that I’m selling. If you are
into this stuff, contact me and I’ll try to send you a list/photos.
Some of the tools are pretty obscure, and I don’t know what the
prices will be, so you may just have to make an offer. I know
there’s a set of turning tools that date back to the early 19th
century, a level specifically for setting up machinery, RPM gauge,
dial indicators, maybe some machinist chests. I’m still gathering
things up and going through the tools.

Post vise or Leg Vise. For the blacksmiths on this forum. 4" jaws

Horn Stake: this stake is 41" long and has a tapered round stake on
one end and a long flat stake on the other. Very nice shape. You can
have the stump that it’s mounted in, too.

Antique flat rolling mill, S.A. Crocker & Co., 3" flat rollers. It
has a broken tooth on one gear, but that can easily be replaced. The
rollers are worn, but not beyond saving. This is really more of a
collector or display piece.

Hammer case, with 17 hammers. forming, forging, and planishing.
There may be more hammers around. I’d prefer to sell the entire set,
but I may consider selling individual hammers.

Simplex Time Clock, with Pendulum. Perfect for all you folks that
love to punch a clock! I’ll be sitting on a beach, sipping a Pina
Colada, so I won’t need this one any more. Has a beautiful oak case
with a glass front, 30"h x 12"w x 7 1/2" deed. Recently oiled and
adjusted. The ribbon has dried, so you’ll have to replace it. I do
have some time cards to go with the clock. $500.00

I also have two antique curved glass display cases, in excellent
shape, if anyone can use them. No, they will not make a good case to
take to craft shows…

I will be taking a lot of these to an antique tool sale and auction
this weekend, March 11, so contact me before the 10th if there’s
anything that you are interested in. I’m open to offers on most of
this stuff. I’ll be putting together a list of other jewelry
equipment next week. There’s an ABI Tack II welder, a steam cleaner,
an annealing furnace, some ultrasonics, some stakes, and some other

I have a lot of other non-jewelry related stuff that I’m selling, but
I don’t want to turn this forum into a classified ad. Just contact me
<@Douglas_Zaruba> if you live in the Baltimore-Washington
area and we can talk.


Douglas Zaruba
16639 Raven Rock Rd.
Sabillasville, MD 21780
301 241-3494