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Used rhodium and plaster

I have a question. Does anyone buy spent rhodium? Our refiner
has no interest in it, it cost so much when new I would think it
would have some value to someone. Also our quenched plaster. I
just dry it out and throw it out. I know there is gold in there.
We cast 2-4 flasks every day five days a week. The only person I
ever heard of was some guy who would pay for the shipping if you
packed it up and sent it to him (thats it). That was too much
work for me. I have a friend who built a series of screens and
then would dump the plaster on top and hose it down in his
backyard (no luck). I hate the idea of possibly throwing money

Mark P.


If you send you scrap to J.M. Ney gold company for refining(they
pay by check or bullion coins) you can just include it. Keep
the scrap, bench sweeps, and grindings in one container, the
floor sweeps in another, and the investment in a third
container. Call Ney and ask to see a rep and have him explain
their scrap policy. Ney makes all sorts of Dental alloys in
addition to 14kt. jewelry gold. You will get an assay back with
your check.


                                  Skip Meister
                                NRA Endowment and