Used regulators, hoses and tanks

How can I know if used torch equipment is safe to use before I buy
from an individual? And what is the best way or people to sell my
used equipment to? I have an oxy/propane set up and I want to use
acetylene/air. Thank you


Go to a welding supply and buy certified reconditioned regulators if
you must buy used. New regulators are not that expensive when you
consider that they tested and certified as such. You’re insurance
may not allow to used uncertified used equipment. I’d go for the
peace of mind from the new equipment…

Don Meixner

Hi Brenda.

I don’t know legally where people stand selling second-hand
regulators but I would think the onus would be on the purchaser to
have them check before they use them. I have a local gas supplier
who is qualified to service regulators and I have mine serviced every
so often just to be on the safe side. You are dealing with very high
pressures and the cost of having the regulators serviced is far
outweighed by the peace of mind that they are safe to use.


Hi Brenda,

Go to your local welding supply and let them help you if you
buy/think about buying anything used. There are certain regulations
on refilling tanks based on how old they are. Your welding supply
can tell you what to look for. Most used tanks will be fine. The
hoses can be inspected. Even those that look a bit worn may be fine.
again, let your welding supply look them over, as a new set is not
that expensive, maybe $25 for a 6 foot set. As far as regulators are
concerned, check with the welding supply on the cost to rebuild a
used regulator. You will probably find that you can buy a new one
for the price of the rebuild. You can use an acetylene regulator for
your propane, and that may be easier or cheaper to find. but you
need a specific oxygen regulator. I see regulators on line for as
little as $30. Last time I checked on a rebuild, I think it was $75

  • $85, but I could be wrong. Of course, if you rebuild an old
    American made regulator, that is probably a little better than a new

You may find that a used set of tanks and regulators and a torch is
a good investment if the price is right. You can take the tanks and
hoses (if new enough) and sell the regulators and the torch and
possibly still come out ahead. Keep a lookout on Craigslist and in
the pawn shops. OTOH, a torch, hoses and set of regulators for
acetylene is $160 at Harbor Freight. Get a 20% off coupon and that is
$128. Then you can get a generic “Little Torch.”

Lots of stuff in the archives on torches if you want to look…

I have purchased regulators several times from Cyber Weld. Better
prices than jewelry suppliers and I’m a bit leary of anything from
Harbor Freight.