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Used Raytech Tumblevibe18


Hello Orchid folk: I bought a used Raytech Tumble-Vibe 18 (vibratory
tumbler) from Rio a couple years ago, which has now broken to the
extent that I don’t feel like investing in a repair–it was too big
for me anyhow. The motor works fine, but the platform on which the
bowl rests has cracked and the stake connecting the platform to the
bowl has broken out of its fitting.

I am happy to send the whole thing to anyone who might want to
embark on repairs and rescue this puppy. (Raytech does have a
repair shop if you want to explore that route.)

Alternatively, I am happy to send you just the bowl and lid, both of
which in my experience have been perfectly functional, although they
do show some cosmetic signs of wear.

On the Raytech website ( a new TumbleVibe18
sells for about $309. A bowl and cover are priced at $103.

I’d like $20 plus the cost of postage, in return–or best offer.

The entire thing will ship at about 13#. Just the bowl and cover
will ship at about 8#.

Please reply backchannel: @tracymunn2