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Used laser welders available

I thought I’d mention that if any of you desperately want a laser
welder, and can’t afford a new one, you may wish to consider what I
went with, a thoroughly used one. The dealer I bought mine from is
selling new ones to factories in India, and taking their old ones back
in trade. The old ones are just fine, but the newer ones are often
more powerful, or faster, or otherwise capable of higher production
rates for these factories. Most of these are Siro lasertech
machines, (same as the B&D, only with the original german
manufacturer’s label instead of B&D, who put their own label on the
Siro machines). Currently, he’s looking for buyers for several ALS35
models. Prices range (depending on age, exact model, and condition)
from around 13K to 15K for the machine itself, plus shipping from
India (figure around a thousand dollars) and, if you’re in Washington
State, sales tax. Contact me if you want more info. Full
disclosuRe: I’m not selling the things. Just passing this on. But
the dealer did mention that if I find him a buyer, he’ll give me a
modest commission, which of course, I’d not mind at all :slight_smile: As far
as i can tell, these machines are good solid workhorses. They may
not have quite a complex feature sets as the most recent current
models from Rofin or CPP, but they do the same job. the ALS35S, the
machine I bought, is one of the most widely used laser welders
worldwide. The ALS35 is similar in appearance and features, with
slightly lower power ratings, but still an excellent laser for
virtually all jewelery applications, and is also a very widely used

Let me know if you wish more info.

Peter Rowe