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Used hand engraving equipment

Any input please. I am looking for second-hand / used hand engraving
equipment. Not specifically gravers and handles, more like sand
bags, vices, clamps; whatever. I am a goldsmith / setter with 8
years of experience and I’ve decided that it is high time I “get
down to it” with a love of mine that needs a bit of nurturing (and
hence the equipment). Perhaps you have stuff that you wouldn’t miss
or perhaps your grandfather or a friend used to hand engrave. I know
that these things are readily available from most suppliers- but
wierdly enough I have a ‘thing’ for the old-school antiquated dated
and often rusted stuff. I enjoy my GraverMax- but I place a high
value on the original game.

You know the stuff I’m after… can you help?
Thanks in advance
Paul B Richter

Paul, I will be letting go of some of my antique tool collection soon
(when I have time to take some digital photos). I have several old
style engraving balls–the type with the narrow neck, and a lot of
old gravers. These are all in excellent, usable condition, and I
have used several of them over the years. I looked for many years
trying to find one of these and when I finally did find one, I
seemed to find several. Over the years, I have accumulated 8 of
these, of various manufacturers and sizes. The round ball, currently
manufactured, is an adaptation of a die sinker’s ball. The older
style engraver’s ball is taller, and narrow at the top. Your hand
fits neatly around the neck, making it easy to turn. These are great
for lettering and scroll designs, but not as steady for setting
(hammering or pushing on them makes them tip).

Let me know if you’re interested.

Doug Zaruba

Paul Richter, I am a retired jeweler and have some excess jewelery
tools. One I think you may want is a engravers ball, with leather
pad and all attachments. I bought it years ago but never got around
to using it…It is in excelent condition, no rust, let me know if
interested and about the amount you could offer…It is real heavy,
can weigh it and take a picture and send if this will help…thanks
Bob Bauman

Hi Doug, thanks for your reply. Sorry I’ve taken a couple of days to
respond but you know how Christmas can be in this trade! To add to
that I received a worm virus via email and I’ve been trying to
eradicate it. Anyhow- I am definitely interested in what you have
brought to my attention regarding your equipment. I am really and
truly interested- but can’t promise that I’ll be able to take the
whole lot at once. What you have mentioned regarding the ball (usual
size) and narrow neck sound appealing to me. Whatever gravers you
might have to go with are also appealing.

I would much appreciate it if you could email me pics and perhaps
prices of the equipment- that is when you get the chance. Where are
you situated?

Paul Richter