Used Gem ID Equipment

Hello Fellow Orchidians,

Can any of you tell me how to reach Dr. W. W. Hanneman? I’m
searching for a source for new and used gem ID equipment and I’m
informed he is in this business. Also any other sources would be
helpful. Thanks for your replies.


** Hanuman’s note **

At first glance I thought you are looking for me

Hi Joyce,

Dr. Bill Hannemen can be reached at:
Haneman Gemolicical Instruments
PO Box 942
Poulsboro WA 98370

His catalog is avaiable for $2.00.



Hanneman gemological Instruments
P.O. Box 942
Poulsbo, WA  98370

Don’t know about used equipment, but the prices are right, and lots
of it you construct yourself from common materials, or buy kits from

I have some of his equipment, and it works.

Bill Ehney

i use hanneman’s filters very often…It helps to have some
gemological exprience first though… Hanneman offers the “jeweler’s
eye” and an assortment of filters. Hanneman Gemological Instruments

PO box 942
Poulsbo, WA 98370
Phone (360) 598-4862
good luck!!!