Used equipment sales on Orchid

  Perhaps Orchid might consider raising money for its overhead by
having a listing on its MasterBoard BBS and inviting a reasonable
donation of a percentage of the sale.  I'd be glad to contribute as
such. David L. Huffman  

Dear David and All;

The idea of adding an Interactive eCommerce side to Orchid has been
considered by myself and Charles Lewton-Brian. We are now at the
research stage, It will be available soon on Orchid, Including Orchid
on a CD… Stay tuned, more utilities and development for our Great
community is to come.

and again;
Thanks for your support!

Your Host

Dear Dr. Aspler I think I speak for all of us when I say let us know
how we can help ! I owe a great deal to the forum in terms of
learning and would like nothing better then to give some back.

Hello Hanuman and all!

Nice of you to consider this idea! I don’t know how much I would
participate, but I know it would be a great addition for all. By the
way, please make a profit! You have done so much so far, this may
help offset the many hours you spend. Your decision; my thoughts!