Used equipment for sale

Hello! Asking for some help. Im one of the “old guys” (older , maybe
not wiser) who has been there (and back) since the first ACC shows
having a very interesting life as a jewelry maker. I am now facing
considerable health challenges and astronomical medical expenses .
Alas I am currently uninsured (word to the wise be sure your
independant health insurance plan is with a reputable company). I am
trying to raise some money by selling some of my equipment on ebay.
This week I am selling an RT Stamping system, a nice dual arbor
polishing motor with exhaust hood, a belt sander, a lortone tumbler
(which I used with steel shot for tumble finishing), a close up
stand for polaroid spectra camera ( excelent for quick record shots
of small items) and the camera that goes with it. I will be listing
more in the upcoming weeks.

you can either search directly in Ebay on my ID which is or go to:


Thanks in advance!!!

I don’t know if it is appropriate to put up used equipment for sale
in this news group. I have a lot of equipment from a friends shop.
Any suggestions on where to advertise other than word of mouth?

ebay is good just use lots of words to describe equipment and be
accurate in your descriptions Talk to you later Dave Otto

Hi Mark,

I am opening a school in Scottsdale Arizona and I am on the hunt for
some used equipment. Where are you located and what equipment do you
have? You can contact me offline if you would like.


Metals Edge Studio
Getting ever closer to being open
2200 N. Scottsdale, Arizona 85257
480-425-0026 studio
480-205-9674 cell


I am in the process of setting up a second shop for community
teaching purposes- I am definately interested in any used
bench/casting/fabrication equipment and basic tools. You can contact
me offlist at @Clyde . I’m also looking for Raytech
faceting accessories for a community faceting project.

Clyde Gilbert
Greenwood Studios

Aloha, This is Hawaiian Quizine Collectibles, Ent. in Hawaii. Do you
happen to have a double wheel lapidary wet grinding and buffing
wheels? If yes, then we are interested but because we are in
Hawaii, price is a factor. Please do let us know. And the answer to
your question is, yes, people have listed used items for sale on the
Orchid List. Much Aloha, Waynette

Mark, I would be interested in finding out what you have for sale,
and I’m sure some of the rest of the Orchidians would, too. Many of
us are “tool hounds” or folks on somewhat limited budgets (students,
hobbyists, struggling artists), and finding good quality used
equipment is like going on a treasure hunt.

If you would like to list it for sale and have info, but don’t have
a website, let me know and I can arrange to put it up on my site.
Contact me directly if you want to explore this option.

Karen Goeller
Handcrafted and Unique Artisan Jewelry

  Many of us are "tool hounds" or folks on somewhat limited budgets
(students, hobbyists, struggling artists), and finding good quality
used equipment is like going on a treasure hunt. 

Dear Karen, About a month ago I indicated in a reply for someone
considering buying a cheap flex shaft from Harbor Freight that I had
many tools available for sale because of closing a local jewelry
school as a result of the death of the owner. Quite a few of our
fellow Orchidians responded and some of the items on my list of
tools are no longer available. However, many on Orchid may not have
read that email.

If you or anyone in our Orchid family is interested in buying any of
the tools remaining on my list of available tools, if they would
email me at the following address I will send
her/him the list as an attachment to an email which can then be
downloaded for review.

This could be a good opportunity especially for newer members of our
group. the reply address again is: