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Used book clairification

Jake, Charles Lewton Brain is held in great esteem by many of us
on this list for very good reasons. He is our local treasure." 

Yes that is true, I did not mean it that way, however, the reason
that book is $145 is the rairity, Mr. Wykoff’s Beyond the Gliter is
now out of print, an updated version can be had on CD. Years from
now, if this is not reprinted (the original will not be directly
effected) this book will be going for the same kind of pricing.
Thats just the way it is. If you want to spend $145, it is probably
a good investment, however such a thing should not be used as a desk
manual in the shop, but carefully stored and taken care of. In any
event for those who are interested or curious they may want to visit
Wykoff’s site. For those who have access (or can barrow, or pay for
service, bribe a brother-in-law etc.) they may wish to visit
gearloose dot com. There they will find downloadable plans for a
second to none top quality faceting machine. As for myself, unless I
wanted to collect the $145 is beyond the pale for the in
it alone. Having said that I of course have other bad habits, some
of which are hanging on my walls, then theres my involvement in this.

Try Wykoff’s books go from $25.00 to $85.00 there