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Used Book Amusement

I have read several posts about a used book for homemade equipment
for some $145. Why not go with something else? Check Mr. Wykoff�s
site at Ebay link removed and if you have to ask who Mr.
Wykoff is, then clearly you are not informed. You can get a set of
CDs for almost the same price as that one book. For those who do not
know Gerald Wykoff�s (GG CSM) book, �Beyond the Glitter� became
required reading for Graduate Gemology training at the Gemological
Institute of America (this is considered the final authority) and the
American Society of Gemcutters and the International Gem Society.
So in other words you can get a library from a leading authority for
not much more than the price of that book. One more thing this
includes instructions on first rate home brews, and he has an all
metal kit for the business end of a faceting machine. Just thought
this might help.

Jake, Charles Lewton Brain is held in great esteem by many of us on
this list for very good reasons. He is our local treasure.

Mr. Wykoff is one of many author’s and teachers, all of whom have
their supporters. Charles is priceless and it is very amusing to see
the resale price on Amazon. I hope the seller is not holding his

I have books by both gentlemen in my collection.


Hi everybody, I just wanted to let you all know that many of Mr.
Wycoff’s books are available on CD at the International Gem Society
(IGS) bookstore at

IGS members get a special price. I believe it is $10 off the retail
price. Also, shipping is free.

Dan T.