Used Bonny Doon Hydraulic Press Available

Please let me know if this post is inappropriate as I don’t see a classifieds section…
I no longer use my press and would love it to find a new home, rather than continue being a dust collector. I really don’t know the current value. Am guessing between $900 and $1,500?
Any feedback on the value is appreciated, and certainly let me know if anyone is interested in it. I am in Napa, CA, and not sure shipping is even an option, but happy to research.

I would be interested, depending on the price and also if shipping is possible, since I live north of Philadelphia.

Suella Guthrie

Hi Suella,

As I responded to Franz, I would take $1,000 today. No accessories to speak of and no model number on it. 20 tons.

I might come down in time, but don’t have a sense of the value just yet.
I can ship if you are willing to do the research and pay for it.

I am liquidating my studio and also have a Balder polishing lathe in a cabinet and a Durston 130 rolling mill if you need anything else. And a torch, and a crap load of tools in general.


I’ve thought more, and although I’d love to have the press the fact that my salary (I’m an early intervention speech pathologist) has been cut in half because of the pandemic leads me to think this is not a practical purchase for me right now.
I would love to know what other tools you have beyond the ones you mentioned.

I’m especially interested in raising vessels and would be interested in any metals you would have for sale.

Thanks for the response.

Suella Guthrie

I get it! I do have a lot of metal - mostly copper sheet and wire, but sterling too. I’ll post once I sort out what I have. I have about 100 jars of vintage enamel too.


I am interested in the rolling mill…where
are you located?

thanks. Johnny

Hi Suella, it might help if you could describe the press or even show a picture of it. I checked the Rio website and there are a few models there so it’s hard to know what you are hoping to sell.

Thanks, Jean Menden


I am in Napa, CA

I looked at Rio Grande, but the models are electric now. And very expensive. Here is a pic.

I am interested in the enamels. Are they powder or lump?

Mostly powdered, but some lump.

I am interested in some metals and maybe the polisher

Cathy - If you still have enamels and metal to sell. Please pm me Judy Staby Hoch is my facebook handle. Thanks