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Used acetylene tanks

Having made the change to propane and air and propane and O2. I have
two acetylene tanks (one MC and one B) that I want to sell. I have
posted them on craigslist at very nice prices compared to buying
into tanks at the local welding supply outlet, but no takers. They
are both fairly recently filled and in certification. I also have an
old presto-lite torch, regulator and tips and a 20 cuft O2 tank that
I will sell. My goal is to be able to use the proceeds to buy a
larger O2 tank. Does anyone see what I am doing wrong and why I have
no takers, other than the possibility that there just isn’t a market
for this equipmente I am located in central new york. Thanks.Rob

Rob Meixner - Jewelry

Most gas companies will not fill privately owned cylindars. They
want you to lease theirs.


Have you gone and talked to your gas distributor about making a
tradee I deal with Praxair and they are very accommodating when it
comes to trading bottles. Welding equipment is a different story,
they must make certain margin there (though they will certainly
negotiate… ). I’ve done straight across trades of 20# CO2 bottles
for 300CF O2 cylinders. I’ve also traded for Nitrogen and acetylene
bottles. No cash money changed hands.

If I were you I’d market the Prestolite together with the B tank and
regulator on Craigslist for $175.00 or so, and talk to your gas
dealer about trading out the MC tank for whatever size O2 bottle you
want. I only use an 80CF in my jewelry studio and I keep two on hand
so it’s simple to never run out. The big 300CF bottle is a bear to
move around and I use it out in the shop for welding and cutting.

Hi Rob,

Since you want to get a larger Oxygen tank, you might ask the
supplier you will be dealing with if he’ll take any of the older tanks
in trade.


sell it on ebay it’s free to list sorry folks i used the E word.


It’s probably the shipping cost that’s keeping people away.


Biggest problem unless selling local is the tanks are filled. They
have to in most states be transported in an open truck bed or some
conveyance that is open air. If I were you, I would just go to some
of the local jewelers, and or metal smithing people and offer the
tanks to them in person.

Aggie, in Fl where I had to put on real shoes today not just

sell it on ebay it's free to list sorry folks i used the E word. 

Cut the base off for dishing, used the rest as a base to make a gas
furnace or a gas forge.

Mind you you have to take a lot of precautions when cutting an old
gas vessel.

Even a supposedly empty cylinder can go boom, so if you’re unsure…
don’t do it.

Regards Charles A.

Can always take the valve off before cutting tank…

Thanks to all who replied to my original post. I just talked Haun
Welding into taking them in even trade for a 60 cuft. O2 tank, which
is what I was going to buy had I sold the acetylene tanks.

Ref suggestion to reuse Acetylene tank by cutting it open…

Just want to point out that Acetylene tanks are filled with a liquid
solvent (Acetone in most) and a filler material as well so even if
you take the valve off and drain it (and dispose of the liquid
safely) there will still be a considerable amount of solvent to
produce a nice vapor that can and will go BOOM

If you insist on taking chances cut the tank with the tank submerged
in water using a battery powered reciprocating saw.


I have several tanks (Ox tanks for breathing units, acetylene tanks
of different sizes, and Ox welding tanks) that I have had cut for
bells. The friend that has done the cutting for me used a metal
bandsaw for the smaller tanks, and a torch for the larger that
wouldn’t fit in the saw. He just took the tops off for a few days
before doing the work, and never had a problem. Thomas III Some of
the bells have a wonderful sound and resonance goes on for quite a

Ref suggestion to reuse Acetylene tank by cutting it open..... 

I did put a “boom” warning in my post :wink:

I cut open tanks all the time, but I do it safely, and filling with
water is one way, but depending on what you’re using to cut the
tank, water can cause a problem too.

If you don’t know get someone that does know to do it for you.

Regards Charles A.