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Use Solidscape 3Z Max 2 3D Printer

Is it worth to buy 15 000 hours used printer? Who had any experience? New one is way too expensive…

Thank you

The Solidscape (originally Sanders) 3D printer was the first additive RP machine to get any traction in the jewelry industry. Its main advantage is that it prints in actual wax, not resin, so it doesn’t take any special treatment or procedures to get the patterns to burn out cleanly. The main problem with these machines is their mechanical complexity, and the difficulty of keeping all those heated lines, jets, and wax feeders operating smoothly.

These days, resin-based printers, which are much simpler and cheaper, have taken over most of the market for printed jewelry parts. Casters have worked out methods for dealing with these patterns and generally report good success with them. You don’t mention the price asked for the used machine above, but if it doesn’t include a maintenance contract and spare parts, I’d advise you to consider carefully what it will take to nurse this machine through the final hours of its working life and tailor your counteroffer accordingly.

Thank you. They asking for 10 grand.

The print jet has 197 hours and support jet has 262 hours on it practically brand new. The machine has 14542 hours on it.