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Use Sheet Metal to Cover the Back of a Button?

I referenced photos of before and after below!!! It would be greatly appreciated if someone has knowledge to share of this process!

Is it your intent to these Chanel buttons into pendants?
The first thing to determine is if these are cast in white metal, probably, or brass, less likely. How you proceed will depend on which material they are. Though soft solder or epoxy would be safe in either case.
Keep in mind that white metal has a very low melting point, just slightly above most soft solders. In those rare cases where I had to repair something in white metal I found a torch safer than a soldering iron. But in this case a torch will burn the white inlay on the front of the button. Epoxy is certainly your safest bet.

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Thank you for replying! The epoxy would be to put a piece of metal over I assume is what your saying?
I first thought I need to use a disc cutter to get that shape then glue it on.

My intent is to turn it into a pendant for necklace yes!

The simplest thing is to cut off the loop on the back, smooth it, and then put an oval jump ring through the topmost link of the chain border. The only reason to cover the back would be to engrave it. It looks as though it will hang straight with just a jump ring through the border.

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Neil offers a good, straight forward, solution. You can also look at discs in various metals that are die cut with a jump ring already part of the die (no soldering). Level the back of the button as Neil suggests and then epoxy the button to the disc. I have also set interesting buttons in a bezel cup, but they have to be very interesting to do this. Before he died, my father asked me if I wanted his button collection. I said no. Years later I had to find which sister had the buttons because I wanted to cast some of them in silver. I guess that there is a lesson in this…Rob

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That was Elliot Nesterman’s thoughtful advice.

: )

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Sorry for mixing the names up…Rob

Thank you!!! Great insight and valuable knowledge