Use for extra kitchen toaster?

I have an extra kitchen toaster that I’ll take to Goodwill… unless
there’s a use for it in the jeweler’s workshop?


I use mine for curing Opticon when I have to use it. I don’t like
Eastman 910 or super glue on stones, because it turns yellow after
awhile and it can break apart. Especially if struck hard or dropped.


Keep and toast a good bagel once in a while!

I use mine to dry my shot when I plan to store it for some time.
(Usually I just leave it in the water with some ivory soap flakes).
Another use is for heat treating copper to get gorgeous patinas in
all sorts of iridescent colors.

And still another,—when I use vitreous enamel paints or oxides
which I mix with various oils, I burn off the oils in the toaster
oven, before putting the enamel in my hot kiln. Saves flare ups in
the kiln, and also reduces particles of oily soot landing on the


Well I have used the wire inside to make a wax pen with a small
finger switch and my plating machine for power. Sweet little gadget
I have used for years and replace the wire from time to time when it
breaks. Also get different size wire from old hairdryers.


I don’t have a studio use for it, but if no one else does either,
depending on where you live, you may be able to Freecycle it.
Nothing wrong with Goodwill, but Freecycle is more direct and IMO
more fun. Here in the Chicago burbs, Freecycle is incredibly active–
you post things you want to give away and people email you and come
get them. It’s a great feeling. I sold my defunct minivan for
salvage, but first I gave various people the spare, one of the
wheels, one of the removable back seats, and a rear view mirror,
without affecting the price I got for the salvage. I just received a
huge rock tumbler I want to play with, and you can ask for things,
too-- I got a memory foam pillow that seems to be helping my back.

So check in your area and see if there is a Freecycle community.
Consider starting one! Think of all the stuff it keeps out of