Use a calculator and scales

Hi all

took an order for a plain ring band 10 mm wide 1.5 mm thick size X.
Did a quick calculation in my head and gave a quote.

About 30% less than it should have been. Delivered it today with a
gem set ring for the guy’s wife. Told him he got a bargain on that

He thought it was his wife’s ring that was the bargain. Because it
had a gemstone in it, lab grown spinel aqua colour and very

Point is rings with stones are thought to be more expensive than
just silver rings. The Argentium made both rings look amazing.

The guy just stared at his wife’s ring smiling, very cool.

Made a guitar pick in Argentium today. Son is in a metal band and
Argentium picks are supposed to be the best for shredding.

I left some file marks for traction at the top of the pick and
polished the part that will touch the strings. When I cooked the
Argentium the part of the pick with the file marks went hues of blue
and yellow. Did not have time to let it cool down before leaving
workshop so I don’t know if this is only one side but could be a cool

Did some more soldering with Argentium medium seems just need to
leave the torch on the solder line a few seconds longer than sterling
to get it to flow.

Also did some fusing with Argentium lemel, fluxed the joins and
heated fused great but then I thought that it was ready to reticulate
so kept heating in the middle of the piece and worked outwards. Got
some nice reticulation.

With sterling I start from the outside and work in.

This Argentium is interesting silver.

I am going to upgrade my open back bezel PDF for Argentium with
photos. So it will be available soon to any who want it.

all the best