USA Visa Requirements for Canadians Teaching Workshops in the USA

I am looking for help from someone (preferably a Canadian) that has had the experience of applying for a visa to teach a one week workshop in the USA.

I have some potential opportunities to teach jewellery (filigree) workshops in the USA.
I have done a fair bit of internet research and have concluded that in order to do this legally, I would require a visa. There are a myriad of visa types, but it seems that the O1-B visa is the most appropriate. Also, possibly the P-3 visa.
Canadians, under NAFTA can also utilize the TN1 visa, but it only applies to certain professionals, and jeweller / metalsmith / artist are not on the list. Note that I do have an engineering degree, which is on the list, but then one must prove that the work requires an engineering degree
For me to progress this further, I would likely have to contact an immigration lawyer to help me determine the best way to go about this.

Before I incur the time and expense to do this, I am hoping that there is someone on Orchid who has had experience with applying for permission to teach a workshop in the USA and can provide me with some direction based on their actual experience.
Also, if you run a jewellery /metalsmithing school in the USA and have had Canadians teach at your school, I would really appreciate hearing from you as well.

If you prefer, you can e-mall directly at ā€™ milt (AT) ā€™

Thanks in advance for you advise
Milt Fischbein
Calgary Canada

You are very smart to check it out thoroughly before hand. NAFTA only allows for MFA to teach at a university in the USA; when art is involved. Chales Lewton-Brain may be able to advise you.

Once you get it figured out, email with a workshop proposal. You can check out our group at

Jean Marie
Thanks for your feedback.
My next step is to discuss with an immigration lawyer, but I am not optimistic that I will find a simple solution.
I am hoping that someone on Orchid who has gone thought the process will see my original post and will respond

Iā€™m looking into the same thing Milt- but from Australia. Any help getting through the legalise would be marvellous!