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USA jewelry suppliers

I’m on a quest for dependable, quality jewelry suppliers. Is Rio Grande
the biggest and the best in the US? Thunderbird & Swest are not as
competitive & they have a limited selection. I’d especially like to find
a supplier with a more contemporary selection.

I’m specifically looking to price quantities of:

  1. 3.2mm snake chain by the foot that Rio Grande carries for 8.84/ft.
    (10-49 ft.) Is there a supplier for 14K in this same mm snake?

  2. 23.2mm sterling lobster clasps $8.56/clasp (10-19 pcs.). How about
    14K in a bulky clasp?

  3. Sterling sheet metal–12"x 12" or larger–Who has the best prices?

  4. Stainless steel sheet metal? 12"x12"

Much thanks–


I have found that Hauser & Miller in St. Louis has the best Sterling
sheet. They are fast, reliable and their metal is of the highest quality.
–Vicki Embrey