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USA Jewelry/Gem Trade Shows

Can somebody advise me on the next scheduled jewelry and gem trade shows
in the US. Is there a trade journal that lists them? The bi-annual gem
show closest to me was in Yuma, AZ. yet I was unable to attend. When’s
the next event in Yuma?

Any info would be appreciated.

Much Thanks,

Rebecca Engel
San Diego, CA USA

pick up a copy of Lapidary Journal. They have an exhaustive listing of
shows for the entire year. Jerry in Kodiak


You’re best bet is to check out Lapidary Journal. Towards the back of the
magazine, just before the classified section, you will find a whole
section on show listings around the country.

Rick Stutt (somewhere out here in the cornfields of Iowa)
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Lapidary Journal usually has a list. Carol Bova of Eclectic Lapidary on
line also might have some info.

Richard D. Hamilton
A goldsmith on Martha’s Vineyard
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There is a Gem, Mineral and Jewelry Show Calendar listed at

Thank you,
Lance Kanaby

GemData, Mine Design & The Spectrum Network at
of the original interactive “Gem, Mineral & Jewelry Show Calendar” Colored
Gemstones, Diamonds & Cutting Rough Databases and Information SoLux
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Hi Rebecca,

There are alot of different shows going on around the country. One
happens right in your back yard. Actually 2 do. Gem Faire does a show 2
or 3 times a year at the Scottish Rite’s Temple off of Hotel circle.
Intergem does a show at the Del Mar Fairgrounds twice a year.

You can find almost all US shows listed in the calendar section of any
Lapidary Journal.


Barry Hansen
Hansen Designs
Corona, California

Rebecca, Look in a copy of Lapidary Journal or Rock and Gem they have a
pretty through listing of shows. There is also a web site that lists
shows. I know there is a show coming up this coming weekend in Sanat
Monica CA at the S.M. Civic Center. ( Maybe it’s too far for you to go)
Depends what you’re looking for.

Online, I go to Lance Kanaby’s
for show info.

Online, there is also AJM - American Jewelry Manufacturer’s listings:

Trade Show News Network also offers free listings, and has a search
category for Gems, Jewelry and Minerals with some listings:


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The San Diego County Fair is upcoming.
It starts the 16th of June and runs through the 5th of July.
It is at the Del Mar Fair Grounds in Del Mar, California.
Besides the standard county fair things like
great fattening food and drink, and animals galore,
the fair has a super jewelry exhibit. It also has
some of the wood working from Palomar College.

There are usually club members from the various
lapidary clubs on hand to answer most questions.
Many of the club members will demonstrate to the
public. I usually demonstrate, provides a chance
to eat, to meet people, to eat, answer questions,
to eat and get into the fair free.

Vista, California, the Climactic Wonderland

The Quartzite shows happen every year during Jan and Feb. I went last
year and found a show about 2 mi east of the Main Event, called Cloud’s
Jamboree. It was 90% rock and gem booths. Needless to say that is where
I will start next year. It runs from Jan 15 to Feb 15

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there is a large show this wk end in bloomington indianna at their
fairgrounds / this group is great Keep up the good talk