US Durston dealers

Does anyone know of an established Durston rolling mill dealer in
the US other than Rio (I am a little frustrated with Rio)? I have
sent email to Durston twice asking for a list and gotten no replies.
Specifically, I am looking for the DRM C150 model.


Brad, Frei and Borel in San Francisco and Oakland sell them. They
are a great company and often support the art side of the field. I’m
in the office and away from studio, so I can’t find the toll free
number, but an invoice at hand has the Oakland phone number at

Good luck,

Frei and Borel in Oakland Ca. carries Durston mills at very good
prices. Also, they are great people to deal with. I am way north of
Oakland almost to the Oregon border, and they get my orders to me the
next day, with ground shipping.